optical filters and fascia panels

Optical filters and fascia panels

clear cast RFI windows with mesh and bus bar termination cast ADC tinted and RFI windows plain cast windows, printed fascia panels, RFI and tinted cast windows

Slater Plastics are manufacturers of optical filters, contrast enhancement filters, RFI / EMC shielded windows, instrumentation and display fascia panels, we also offer a design and consultation service

Optical filters and fascia panels

Optical filters and fascia panels: Slater Plastics are manufacturers of high quality optical filters and fascia panels. These products are manufactured to suit individual customer requirements or specifications and can be made from allyl carbonate or CR39 TM, acrylic, polycarbonate and glass.

All filters can be manufactured to include screen printing and RFI shielding, ( see technical information RFI / EMC Filter windows if necessary ).

Filters can be manufactured to include many characteristics including ; contrast enhancement, reflection control, impact strength, fire specifications, abrasion and solvent resistance, polarisation and combinations of properties.

Plane TV

Allyl carbonate filter windows (Equivalent to CR39TM)

This product is cast in house from ADC monomer and has a series of properties that makes it ideal for the production of filter windows and fascia panels. Properties include :

  • Less than half the weight of glass
  • Bright surfaces and light transmissions close to optical glass
  • Refractive index close to that of crown glass
  • High impact strength
  • Remarkable abrasion resistance ( approximately 20 times that of acrylic )
  • Resistance to pitting from hot metal sparks, 30 - 40 times higher than glass and other plastics
  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and to all solvents including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Easy surface dying
  • Better scratch resistance than hard coated plastics
  • Resistance to distortion by temperatures up to 130° C, a temperature at which acrylic resins are melted
  • U.V. absorbers can be added to help protect LCD displays in strong sunlight

Typical properties of polymers cast from A D C Monomer

Optical Properties
Yellowness Index
D 1925
Haze, %
D 1003
Refractive Index, n.20 D
D 542
Dispersion Factor
D 542
Visible Transmission, %
D 1003
Ultraviolet Transmission, %
( 3 mm thickness) at 300 nm.
Ultraviolet Transmission, %
( 3 mm thickness) at 340 nm.
Ultraviolet Transmission, %
( 3 mm thickness) at 380 nm.


Physical and mechanical properties
Density, g/cc
D 792
Tensile Modulus, (Mpa)
D 638
Taber Abrasion, ( x P.M.M.A.)
D 1044 (modified)
Rockwell Hardness, (M)
D 785
IZOD Impact Resistance KJ/mq.unnotched at 23° C
D 256 (modified)
Shrinkage, %


Chemical resistance 7 days immersion at 23°C
Water : absorption, %
Water: haze variation, %
Acetone : absorption, %
Acetone: haze variation, %
Toluene: absorption, %
Toluene: haze variation, %
Ethyl Alcohol: 95% : absorption, %
Ethyl Alcohol: haze variation, %
Trichloroethylene: absorption, %
Trichloroethylene: haze variation, %
H.D.T. 1,82 Mpa, C
D 648


Thermal expansion
Linear coeff./ C from -40 to 25° C 0.81 x 10-4
Linear coeff./ C from 25 to 75° C 1.20 x 10-4
Linear coeff./ C from 75 to 125° C 1.43 x 10-4

allyl carbonate or CR39 TM can be cast from 1 mm thick upwards.

Acrylic Filters.

Acrylic filters are often used for larger displays and also where contrast enhancement is required ( due to the large range of tints available ). For these filters we use a high grade cast acrylic which can be obtained down to 0.5 mm thick.

The large range of tints available allows specific wavelengths to be transmitted. This can be used to contrast enhance, colour correct or produce band pass filters. Infra - red filters are also manufactured to block visible light and transmit IR at around 90%.

All acrylic filters can be finished with a hard coat, for abrasion and solvent resistance, which can be applied as a gloss or matt surface.

Typical properties of uncoated acrylic filters

Optical properties
Refractive Index nD20
Light Transmission %


Physical and mechanical properties
Density, g/cc
Tensile Strength N/mm²
Elongation at Break %
Bending Strength N/mm²
Notched Impact Strength
Modulus of Elasticity N/mm²


Thermal Characteristics
Linear coeff./ C 0 - 50° C
70 x 10-6
Vicat softening point °C
Temp for continuous use °C


Polycarbonate Filters.

Polycarbonate is usually used when impact strength or fire retardance is required. These filters are made from proprietary sheet material and normally coated with a hard coat to give abrasion and solvent resistance.

There are only a few standard tints available for polycarbonate, but others can be produced when necessary, in relatively small volumes. We have several techniques available to enable the production of polycarbonate contrast enhancement filters.

Properties of the polycarbonate will depend on the selected grade.

Glass Filters.

Glass filters can be produced plane, matt etched or with multi layer AR coating. These filters can also be toughened when required. Laminations can be built to include all filtering characteristics already mentioned.

Available Coatings For Acrylic and Polycarbonate.

A range of optical coatings are available for the surfaces of acrylic and polycarbonate filters. Coatings can offer a selection of the following characteristics;

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Solvent resistance
  • Anti - glare ( matt coating )
  • Anti - mist
  • Anti - Newton ring
  • Multi - layer anti - reflective ( limited to a small range of product )

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Who are Slater Plastics?
Slater Plastics was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of optical filters, fascia panels, and RFI / EMC shielded windows. The three directors; Andrew Tognola, Jeannie Tognola and Geoff Eccleshall, have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture of these products. This team can provide full technical and design support, together with top quality custom made filters, and a friendly, efficient service

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