optical filtering, RFI shielded windows and fascia panels

The specialists in optical filtering,
RFI shielded windows and fascia panels

clear cast RFI windows with mesh and bus bar termination cast ADC tinted and RFI windows plain cast windows, printed fascia panels, RFI and tinted cast windows

Slater Plastics are manufacturers of optical filters, contrast enhancement filters, RFI / EMC shielded windows, instrumentation and display fascia panels, we also offer a design and consultation service

Available products and services

Design and Consultation. we can:

  • Help your company to design filters to optimise any display
  • Design filters to meet your functional criteria. For example, impact, fire specifications, solvent and abrasion resistance, U.V. protection and reflection control.
  • Advise on material selection.
  • Help your company to design instrumentation or fascia panels.

Optical filters. We can manufacture:

  • Optical filters for any display
  • Optical filters for any environment
  • Optical filters with multiple characteristics
  • Optical filters from allyl carbonate or CR39 TM, Acrylic Polycarbonate or Glass

RFI / EMC shielded windows:. we can manufacture:

  • Optical filters with micro - fine mesh or ITO as the shielding element
  • CR39 TM filters with cast in mesh
  • Plastic or glass windows with the mesh laminated in
  • Plastic or glass filters with ITO deposition direct to surface

Fascia panels: we can manufacture:

  • Machined and screen printed fascia panels
  • Fascia panels incorporating optical filters
  • Fascia panels with RFI / EMC shielding


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Who are Slater Plastics?
Slater Plastics was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of optical filters, fascia panels, and RFI / EMC shielded windows. The three directors; Andrew Tognola, Jeannie Tognola and Geoff Eccleshall, have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture of these products. This team can provide full technical and design support, together with top quality custom made filters, and a friendly, efficient service

slater plastics

The specialists in optical filtering
RFI shielded windows and fascia panels

Slater Plastics Ltd, Unit 7, Hanborough Business Park,
Lodge road, Long Hanborough, Oxon, OX29 8LH, England

Contact Geoff Eccleshall: E-mail: info@slaterplastics.com
Phone 01993 881 486 [International +44 1993 881 486]

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